Here at ALP, your dress is custom made to your exact measurements.

As we custom-make all of our dresses for the perfect fit, we need your measurements. The most important measurements needed include bust, waist, hip, bicep, and height. 

We will likely contact you and ask for further measurements depending on the dress ordered, or just to confirm sizing with you if we see anything suspicious. It is important to note that it is your responsibility to make sure the information you provide is correct.

Upon request, color/fabric swatches are available.




Taking accurate measurements is very important.

You will need a measuring tape and a friend or family member to help you out. Before you begin, make sure to wear and only wear undergarments you might be wearing the day of your wedding. its amazing how much just wearing a different bra can effect many different measurements. When being measured, stand straight with your feet together, look straight ahead, and keep relaxed.

For the bust, waist, bicep, and hips, use the photos below as a guide. Please provide all measurements in inches, and height in feet and inches.